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Kisan Sakkti

Nourishing Lives, empowering farmers.

Our Products

At Kisan Sakkti, we offer top-quality food products. Check back as we are on sale very soon!

Team Kisan Sakkti

Kisan Sakkti has a passionate team dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of life for our customers and farmers. We believe in treating our farmers fairly and helping them sustain their livelihoods while providing our customers with healthy and nutritious food. It's our team's mission to make our vision a reality.



Get to Know Us

We believe that food is not just sustenance, but an experience that should be savored, appreciated and enjoyed. That’s why we work directly with farmers to ensure that everything produced is of the highest quality, while still being affordable for everyone. Our company not only provides farmers with the necessary resources to grow but also to become true Agripreneurs, paving the way for future generations of farmers to come. Join us in our mission to promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable agriculture.

Multiple Delivery Options

Kisan Sakkti offers multiple delivery options to fit your schedule. Choose from pick up options or same day delivery.

Farm to Table Freshness

Our food products are sourced directly from our farmers for farm to table freshness. We aim to support our farmers and provide top-quality food for our customers.

Quality & Safety Standards

At Kisan Sakkti, we follow strict quality and safety standards to ensure our customers receive the best food products. We take the health and well-being of our customers seriously.

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